About your instructor at Boise Riding Lessons:

Corinne Logan, Instructor/Owner
Corinne grew up playing horses on the playground as a child. By 7, she had her own Shetland ponies that she helped to train along side her mom's many, MANY horses. Corinne started showing in 4-H and the love for showing grew to riding in the Class "A" Arabian shows as well as many, enjoyable local shows.
Now, her primary duties include her family, running the farm, assisting her young students and increasing their riding abilities. Corinne also served on the board of directors for the Pacific Northwest Direct Farm Marketing Association, a group that helps small farms connect directly with local consumers.
Corinne's schedule is limited at this time and primarily works using the horses to teach the young rider lessons & an informal therapy type work. 

Please call for availability.

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